We Believe . . .

  • The Holy Bible is inspired of God and it is living, infallible and inerrant. Every word is pure and a shield to them that put their trust in him.
  • There is One God, One Worship, and He alone is to be worshipped.
  • There is One Lord, One Authority and religious authority is derived from Him alone.
  • There is One Faith, and that One Faith is the One Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • There is only one baptism today, one action, and that action is complete burial in water for the remission of past sins. An immersion, submersion and emergence.
  • There is one body, the Church over which Christ is the absolute head. One might as well believe in more than One God as to believe in more than One Church.
  • In one spirit, one mind or disposition to possess the members of the one body.
  • The gospel is God's power to save and all who do not believe and obey the one gospel will not be saved.
  • In the final judgment where upon all humanity will be judged according to their works.
  • There is a heaven and a hell. Both are prepared places, heaven for the obedient and hell for the disobedient.